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Meet Terry LaDow, M.S. BCPCC,  CLMC,  LAADC

I am a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, Certified Life and Marriage Coach  and a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor with a Masters Degree in Human Behavior. I have a private counseling practice in Orange County, California and have been involved in the treatment of substance abuse, sexual addiction, anxiety, depression, and anger management for twenty four years. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families, helping them to change the belief systems that come with negative behaviors. As a husband of thirty two years, father of two and grandfather of two, along with twenty one years of sobriety, my life experience allows me to give back in a unique manner. I am blessed to be able to use the gifts God gave me to help in the healing process. My goal is to help my clients integrate spiritual principles with real life issues. The Bible is used as the standard for achieving success in life, marriage, and other relationships.

I have a special interest in working in the following areas:

Couples- with couples to help re-establish a long term healthy and valuable relationship. Helping people learn to set personal and relational boundaries that make for a more solid relationship. By guiding couples through these difficult times they learn to deal with the pain caused by poor choices. My desire is to equip the people I work with the tools God have given us to heal from the trauma and abuse resulting in genuine growth.

Addictions – is in the area of addictions and the impact they have on the individuals and the family. In my personal recovery, I learned that there are some simple truths that if applied, life works much better. My goal is to help my clients to discover and utilize what works for them using the 12 steps of recovery. By involving the family in the treatment process, the chances for success are greatly improved. By dealing with family dynamics issues such as co-dependency and poor boundaries, a healthy family can be the result

If you are not sure what to do, where to turn, or what the next step is, then you need a coach or counselor! My passion is to help others achieve their dreams and goals, to have healthy breakthroughs and “aha” moments, and to do this with the utmost integrity. If you are serious about results, contact me today.


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